The Bioengineering Mobile Exploration Pod

Inspiration for the Pod interior

So one of the “must haves” for the Pod is the space-ship like interior – it needs to exude “the future”. So, where best to draw inspiration from? Sci-Fi of course and with such a large number of great Hollywood Sci-Fi movies to choose from how about these for cool interiors?

The following are from the movie “Passengers”:

And if you are old enough to remember, how about the Sci-Fi series from the 70’s – Space 1999? Really cool interiors for the time:

Lots of wonderful inspiration!

BME Pod under lockdown

Well, this certainly makes life interesting – working under lockdown conditions due to COVID-19! The plans behind BME Pod continue – right now following the twin pronged approach of continuing to promote the ‘Pod idea, continuing to look for support of any kind for BME pod – as well as continuing with the planning behind the construction of the ‘Pod and the underlingying subsystems.

In the meantime here is a great idea behind engaging with the younger generation and showing how you have to ‘work’ to achieve something – brilliant!

LINK: What a great idea to demo doing something!

Hello world – introducing the POD

BME Pod has been talked about, sketched about and thought about for a long time by the Managing Director Christopher – he wanted to create something that was both exciting and inspiring to the end-users – school children and people of all-ages – as well as being a challenge and positive experience for those putting the Pod together and manning it.

The idea to have a ‘space-age’ styled converted van has sat and fermented for a while in his head – and now, in the last few months of 2019, the first steps to get this programme of activity together have started to take shape.

We have seriously thought about the name, the shape, the format, the content and – of course – the cost! Plans are underway and this website is part of the bigger picture of getting the message “out there”. There is still lots to do and we will slowly do all that is necessary to make the Pod a reality.

To do this we need help, we need financial backers, we need people with ideas and suggestions and we need to get the word out there. To this we ask that if you have stumbled across this site please share far and wide and help us get that much closer to being able to bring Science Engineering Engineering and Technology to as many places as we can, exciting everyone on the way and making all our futures a better place.