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Who Benefits?


The Pod visits schools, school fairs, science festivals, public events. Schools can compete with projects to run on the Pod in an annual competition. Schoolchildren can attend a week-long Summer School, and furthermore they can be a part of testing technology, co-creating and advising the Pod Governance committee.

The Public

The Pod will visit Science festivals, public events, supermarket carparks, etc. and will keep the public informed on STEM generally and biomedical technology specifically. The public can also be a part of testing technology, co-creating and advising the Governance committee.

Undergraduate Students

Undergrads will take part in group projects, and their outputs will be assessed as part of their degree programme. they will undertake project planning, designing, building and testing, as well as interacting/ co-designing with school-student and the public. They will also crew the Pod, this will expose them to public speaking and PR as well as marketing. The undergradswill co-organise the Annual Summer School.

Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate students will mainly fulfil the role of mentors and and provide governance for the project. Being as the students will be working on cutting edge research in BME and other engineering disciplines, they can supply ideas on for the Pod and outline potential new research directions. Postgraduate students will co-organise the Annual Summer School.

Expert Mentors

The expert mentors will provide mentoring and expert input and governance to the Pod project. They can also act as enablers for funding routes for the Pod as wells providing potential speakers, and leads for other speakers, for the Annual Summer School.

Our Volunteers

Prof Christopher James

Managing Director

The Pod is the wacky brainchild of Christopher, he is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Warwick as we as founder and CEO of EMbody Biosignals Ltd. which is our first partner with the BME Pod. Christopher is passionate about promoting STEM and wants to infect as many people as possible with the enthusiasm for STEM and what it does for humanity.


Pod Mascot

Rey, a rescued Bodeguero from Ubeda in Spain, is an integral part of the team – he provides well received “feel good” vibes which makes what we do that much more enjoyable! Well, OK, so he’s not exactly part of the team but he does transmit positive vibes which are pretty useful these days 😀

Undergraduate Students

The Pod Crew

Each year a posse of engineering undergraduate students will work on the development of the BME Pod. Their job will be to design, develop and produce the various Pod systems – such as the Power Systems, the Information systems and the various bits of BME tech. They will also work on the curriculum design and will form the Pod crew to take the Pod where it is needed and to deliver STEM based exercises. The students will do this as part of their studies meaning that not only will they be imparting know how, but they will also be training and helping develop their skills as part of their degree.

Our Partners

A message from the MD

BME Pod is still under construction, we are still looking to find new partners to help us fund the Pod and to get it out there doing good. Please contact us if you want any more information or if you want to pledge your support – however small – we would be most grateful to hear from you.
Christopher, BME Pod MD